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“WE’RE NOT COLORBLIND” reminds me of how we’ve been manipulated and lead to believe our Christian faith and values have no place today in our society. This book says I’m not wrong for having and privately feeling those values. But I’m wrong for not standing up publicly for them even when it’s not popular.  I’m now encouraged; I’m not alone.

Vernon Jones, State Representative, Georgia House of Representatives

Dr. Alveda King and Ginger Howard have written a must read book that speaks to hearts and minds about racism. The relationship of these two women goes beyond color of skin, to the heart that God sees in each of us. It is a book of awakening, forgiveness, reconciliation, and hope. I highly recommend “We’re Not Colorblind” to all who desire to love our neighbor as Christ commands.

Carmen Pate, author of “In Our Weakness, God is Strong.”

“WE’RE NOT COLORBLIND” hits the nail on the head by honestly  communicating, that only healing, not hatred, can close the racial divide.

Walter B. Hoye II, Issues4Life

Dr. Alveda C. King and Ginger Howard have written a must read that yields knowledge and understanding for those who desire a prophetic voice in a dark time, giving truth and direction for all people.  Read this book and learn from ones who have gained experience, insight, compassion and love for their country and fellow man.

Bishop Leon Benjamin, Senior Pastor New Life Harvest Church & Chief Apostle of Receiving Power for Action Apostolic Network

When it comes to healing the ethnic and cultural division in our nation, no one has a better understanding of how to address it than Dr. Alveda King.  Over our almost 20 year friendship we’ve had many talks, and she is the person who helped me understand There’s only one race, The human race. Now scientist agree with her too. And Dr..Alveda and Ms. Ginger are right again when they say,  “We are NOT color blind.” Their friendship of unity through diversity is a powerful healing example for our nation. Read this book, and put it into practice to heal our land.

Will Ford, The Dream King: How The Dream Of Martin Luther King Jr. Is Being Fulfilled To Heal Racism In America.

Racism is nothing new.  Even the Apostle Peter struggled with his own racial bias, confessed his sin, and crossed the racial divide in his time. As a result, he (having come from an marginalized community) and Cornelius (having come from a privileged position and serving as a law enforcement officer) had an important transformational conversation that provided a template for us. (See Acts 10:28-35)  “We’re Not Color Blind” is a refreshing, hopeful and inspirational book that provides us very practical ways to build upon their experience in fracturing our present cultural barriers. Dr. Alveda King and Ginger Howard have presented a pragmatic work that calls those motivated in faith to step forward and build bridges that will withstand the stress that happens when cultures intertwine. Consider this book a first step to the relationship building efforts that we so desperately need as a people of God and nation.

Pastor Mike Berry, Annapolis, Maryland

Alveda King is a national treasure. Her tireless work on behalf of racial justice and genuine equality before the law has been built upon a biblical foundation of one race and one set of empowering  principles for all human beings. This book is full of behind the scene stories and the analysis of truths that desperately need to be deployed socially now. Read the book; it is a journey well worth taking!

Dennis Peacocke , International Advisor

A MUST-READ inspiring story of two women  each growing up on different sides of the tracks. Alveda King portrays her hard lessons from growing up at the height of the civil rights era. Ginger Howard, grew up in unassuming privilege, largely unaware of the struggles on the other side of the streets. While these two grew up vastly differently, through Christ they came to know and love each other as sisters. Their diverse backgrounds we are their strengths and their colors make them beautiful in each others eyes. What brings them together is God’s love. It’s not where you’ve been but where you are headed. We can all learn from this picture of heaven right here on earth.

C Craichy, Author The Super Health Diet

In a culture teaming with screaming voices – we waste the precious seconds of our lives defending our positions instead of listening to and learning from each other. We’re Not Colorblind – Healing the Racial Divide is an intimate chance for people of all ethnicities to feel truly included in the pain, passion, and promise of the most prominent family of civil rights activists on earth. What I find amazing… is that the book creates a rare but safe space where we can all come together to hear the healing truths that we missed amidst the screech of today’s divisive media. And for this I’m praising God.

Jeremy T Lamont, publisher, GODSPEED Magazine

So many trying to talk about ‘race issues’ recently.  None addresses it with such warmth as Alveda and Ginger.  You must love and respect the differences among us or you cant even talk about it.  Alveda says so often ‘one race, one blood’ and that is true.  We are all the same family. God made us all…that is His gift to us.  How we serve others is our gift to Him.  This book is filled with love for God and for God’s creation.

Jan Horne, Studio 25 Productions

Ginger Howard and Alveda King are sisters in Christ. Together they approach the controversial topic of race using the lens of the Word of God which divides asunder the soul and spirit. Much food for thought; a good read.

Pastor Paula White

At a time in our nation, when racial division seems to be escalating, Dr. Alveda King and Ginger Howard speak truth to the divide-we are one blood and one race.  They remind us to celebrate our differences through the lens of God’s love.  If you want to be a part of the solution, I highly recommend that you read this book.

Mike Lindell, CEO – My Pillow, Inc

In We’re Not Color Blind, Alveda and Ginger invite the reader to engage in a conversation about race from a biblical worldview.  In offering a fresh and positive perspective that is grounded in faith, this book is instrumental in bridging the racial divide in our polarized nation.

Ralph Reed, Founder and Chairman of Faith and Freedom Coalition

I have known Dr. Alveda King and Ms. Ginger Howard for more than two decades. I am so grateful that they were led to write this very important book, a must read.  If God can use any two people to be His instruments of love, peace, and forgiveness it would be these two amazingly loving ambassadors of the Prince of peace.  Hate may be grabbing the headline news, but let’s make this message of love overwhelm evil

Michael Youssef PhD

Finally, a book on racism that will both open your mind and soften your heart, if you let it.

David Deuel PhD, Senior Research Fellow and Policy Advisor The Christian Institute on Disability at Joni and Friends

We’re Not Color Blind- Healing the Racial Divide is an OPEN door into the hearts and minds of TWO Very Special Women of God: One Black: Dr. Alveda C. King and One White: Ginger Howard, yet, arguably, as you will read, ONE and the same; In heart, in purpose, in passion and in LIFE……. in bringing UNITY to ALL who seek to divide, steal, kill and destroy– and HOW, through commonality and Christ, THEY are doing just that!  A moving and hopeful read that breathes HEALING instead of HURT and HOPE instead of PAIN…. and powerfully so!  “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.” (Matthew 5:19)

Jensine Bard, Founder and CEO, Jensine Bard Ministries, Inc.

In We’re Not Color Blind, Alveda and Ginger model authentic friendship despite quite different racial origins and life experiences.  Using God’s Word as their solid foundation, they provide urgently needed keys to healing the racial divide, helping all Americans move from hate to love, from bitterness to forgiveness, and from suspicion to trust.  This timely book is a must read at an urgent time in our national journey, helping us to realize that we all share “one blood” and that unconditional love is possible through our Heavenly Father.

Bob Dees Major General, U.S. Army, Retired President, National Center for Healthy Veterans

“If you are interested in unmasking the fears that hinder your desire to bridge the gaps in the world around you through deep conversations and Christlike love, this book is a valuable inspiration.  The devil has a way of using our past to manipulate us and hold back our progress, but Dr. Alveda King and Ginger Howard have victoriously cast this aside to pursue a great cause and inspire others along the way.

Emmanuel-la Tarr Liberian Student, Liberty University

Alveda King is the most loving prophetic voice in America on issues of justice, life and healing our racism. She can always open our eyes with loving truth.

Allan Parker President, The Justice Foundation

My sisters, Alveda and Ginger have provided readers with a guide to understanding God’s Mosaic of Humankind and the Kingdom-focused unity necessary to honor it.

Ambassador Ken Blackwell Distinguished Fellow Family Research Council

Dr. Alveda C. King and Ginger Howard’s book caused me to reflect on how much our world is in need of racial reconciliation.  We’re Not Color Blind is a must read for those who desire to be reconciled to one another. I would personally recommend churches and faith based organizations study this book as a teaching tool.

Oliver Richmond President, The Kingdom Partners

We’re Not Color Blind comes at a pivotal moment in a time of unrest in America.  This message brings eternal love, forgiveness, and reconciliation is more than a book.  It’s matters of the heart that will bring inner healing to your soul to be loved and love people without glasses.  Dr. Alveda King and Ginger’s transparency in this book is the beginning of a conversation to bring healing and reconciliation in our nation.  I’m inspired by reading this book to love people so radically they wonder why!!!

Henry Becerra Senior Pastor, CIty Church International

Alveda King is uniquely positioned to help heal the land– and the racial divide that has caused too much pain for too long. With fresh eyes on an old problem and a keen understanding of the history of racism in and beyond America, this book will give you hope and strategies to defeat racism.

Jennifer LeClaire Founder, Awakening House of Prayer

The legacy of Dr. MLK lives on in his niece Dr. Alveda King.  Through her profound life experiences God has shown her true roots of the demonic evil that divides people according to ethnicity. Her journey with Ginger is an example for all of us in this period of civil unrest. I highly endorse this compelling book.

Dr. Joseph Mattera

With insights into Alveda’s response to the assassination of her uncle Dr. Martin Luther King, her faith journey which has taken her to be a spokesperson sent from Jesus to our hurting nation; the blending of Ginger’s strong yet healing words complement each other so wonderfully.  The content of this message is something all Americans should read.

Steve Reuter CEO DXM360 Advisory and Integration Services

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. certainly could never have foreseen that more than a half century after his assassination, his beloved niece, Dr. Alveda King would be decades-long into taking up his cause, and the Lord’s cause– for racial reconciliation and beyond that, racial understanding.  This book is as much a life story as it is a further revelation from God on the cause of racial, economic and social justice.  This is a story that simply MUST be told. My friend for years now— who allows me to call her Alveda, has teamed up with her dear friend who is “fair, not white,” as she puts it, Ginger Howard.  Together, this is their compelling story of how they remain “not color blind,” nor should they be such, because it was God who made such beautiful hues of skin colors and— who are we to deny ourselves or anyone of His enjoyment of the same. “We’re Not Color Blind” is certainly a fresh revelation that most, among all the ethnic groups have yet to consider.  Grab a cup of coffee and let’s read it again–together!  Please  get this book and while you’re at it, why not pick up another copy for your friends!

Steve Shutlz, Founder, THE ELIJAH LIST

This is a timely book addressing what we need to hear the most; true unity in our values and purpose contrasting the increasing racial divide.  As business owners, ministers, speakers and authors ourselves, we value the content this book conveys.  As always, Dr. Alveda King brings a softer, balanced approach to the hard line anger found in our nation today. We applaud Dr. King and Ginger Howard on sharing their experiences and vision in a loving manner.

Mike, Trisha and Arianna Fox   Splash Designworks, LLC.

The racial healing that our nation longs for will be accomplished when people follow the ‘Alveda-Ginger model’ of meaningful and constructive personal dialogue. And there is a ‘third person’ who needs to be in that process. It is amazing what can happen between two people of different ethnicities when they invite the Holy Spirit into the conversation.

Dr. Jim Garlow, CEO, Well Versed

From different walks of life, Alveda and Ginger came together to write a book on racial issues.  Alveda from the rich history of the Martin Luther King family, and Ginger from white American, share how their hearts knit together to tell their story of love beyond color.

Carol Everett, Founder, The Heidi Group

The Lord is always right on time.  “We’re Not Color Blind” is the salve needed for our national wounds.  Both old and new.  Alveda and Ginger do the reader an immediate service by drawing the reader’s attention to their own frailties in contrast to God’s never ending reparation of the human heart through the cross of His Son, Jesus Christ. The transparency with which both of these sisters of the same spiritual family share, is a refreshing reminder that God’s first purpose is always people and His first priority is our freedom.  Co-laborers in Christ, these accomplished, dynamic women of God have opened the door to generational healing that only love through honesty and humility can offer. Praise the Lord.

Monica Matthews National Media Personality, Clear Talk Media